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Classic Examples of Clear or Unclear Thinking to help your teams develop their Thinking Flexibility, Agility, Control, Focus, and Clarity, to maximise performance and avoid costly thinking errors.

“Customer Experience - the Online Challenges for Business”

Online shopping and other digital ‘customer experiences’ have hit bricks & mortar organisations.

High-street shops, city centres, the giant NHS/healthcare industry, Car retail, Financial Services, Holiday Travel, Museums, Sports, TV, Restaurants, Entertainment Venues, Stately Homes.

All need to find ways to manage the disruption of the online challengers … Read more

"Boldness - in Leadership, Work, and Life" 

Donald Trump as a role model?
The jury is still out on the ‘new’ president. A few other political leaders also have it, especially Mr Macron of France in attempting to change work practices.

We examine what boldness means, at work and life, and how  to achieve successful outcomes. Read more

"Creative thinking - where ideas come from"

We went to Provence in southern France to check out an extraordinary immersive combination of music, light, and art. The customer experience was so impressive …  Read more

“Radical Thinking leading to Transformational Improvement” 

We examine the thinking behind three Radical Thinking plans/programmes   ... read more

"What the West can learn from China's success - different ways of Thinking"  

We looked for the drivers of this successful growth.A major factor is the way the Chinese people think.  Read more

"Productivity - what affects a Team's Performance, its Productivity?"  

The great Productivity puzzle

Despite the economy recovering since the financial crisis, Britain’s productivity has remained static.

At team level, there are many factors that affect performance and productivity.

We examine the impacts of …  Read more. 

"Alps air crash - lessons in thinking about Risk"  

Air travel safety: something else to worry about - suicidal pilots

This is a story about Risk Thinking:...   read more

"Strategic Thinking on a grand scale - Saudi Arabia's oil price influencing - dumping Nimrod" 

Saudi Arabia stopped being the world's oil price controller …

Britain’s fleet of maritime patrol aircraft, Nimrod, has gone.

We explore the Strategic Thinking and Consequence Thinking behind each decision to see what lessons can be learnt for all leaders.  read more

"Customer Feedback systems compared, and how businesses miss opportunities" 

We tested customer feedback systems ....  showed alarming variations and explain why some organisations have no idea why their sales are falling.  read more

"Profitable Customer Focus - easyJet shows Ryanair how to do it" 

This story shows that people who flex their ways of thinking are likely to be more successful. read more

Burberry was a whole-brained 600% success story - but can Ahrendts' successor be equally flexible?   

Angela Ahrendts developed a whole-brained culture at Burberry. Shares rose an amazing 600% in her five years. read more

Are you a Clear Thinker?"  98% of visitors to our exhibition stand failed our simple Test. 

We challenged visitors to take a one-minute test in Clear Thinking at an exhibition at London’s Olympia ... only two of more than 100 provided clear answers to simple questions ...  read more   

What is Design? Who can explain this key, but vague, concept? 

Design is a word everybody uses, yet few people, even ‘experts’, can define it... read more 

Britain’s schools get lessons in Concept Thinking from Singapore. 

Learning concepts in maths, science, English. What Asian ‘tigers’ good at ... read more

The Joy of Chess Problems - great for developing your Thinking Skills. 

Playing chess, especially solving problems, improves thinking skills. .  ... read more

Finding Improvements - Traffic Management Systems

A visit to Paris by car highlighted what could be achieved if Britain's traffic management system were better designed … via an intelligent TMS   … read more 

See all these stories on our  Case Studies page

Our Research

Our Research

Why strategies, plans, projects, decisions, innovations, and communications … GO WRONG

What affects Business and Team Performance: 20+ success factors

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Thinking Intelligence®

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