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About Us

About Busines Experience

The Business Experience is a business performance improvement consultancy specialising in research, and related services, in:

  • Why strategies, plans, projects, decisions, innovations, and communications go wrong
  • What really affects Business and Team Performance
  • Effective communications and how comms can be quality-assured and improved
  • How people, especially teams, THINK, and how they can develop their Thinking Intelligence®
  • The Change Process and how to change attitudes
  • Profitable Customer Focus - the balance between Business focus and Customer focus for mutual benefit
  • 20+ years' multi-perspective experience with global enterprises
  • Unique Business Performance Improvement Toolbox
  • Profile of our founder: Mike Barrett
    ... Mike invented the concepts of Thinking Intelligence®
    and AdQA (Advertising Quality Assurance)
  • Clients and client comments
Experience of
£multi-million projects,
... multiple teams,
 ... multiple perspectives

The Business Experience consultants have up to
20 years’ experience
on major £multi-million projects with mid- to large organisations …

♦ from Concept Design, through Detailed Planning, to Operations
♦ from Sales & Marketing to Purchasing - polar opposite viewpoints
♦ working in, and with, teams and groups on large projects

♦ evaluating and improving the PERFORMANCE of Business, Leaders, Teams, and People … especially their THINKING.

A unique Business Performance Improvement Toolbox  

... including a completely new concept:
Thinking Intelligence®


... and a world-first Communications Quality Assurance system (AdQA)

  • Thinking Intelligence® model for helping people, especially teams and leaders, to ensure whole-brained Flexible, Agile, Controlled, Focussed, Clear Thinking - ranging over 30 different ways of thinking (Thinking Styles)
  • AdQA - the world's first Quality Assurance system for testing, and improving, the effectiveness of any form of business communications
  • What affects Business/Team Performance - a revealing analytical tool for leadership and team development

  • The Change Process - for helping to plan Change
  • Embedding the Change - workshop for changing attitudes
  • Seven Leadership Roles and Six Styles - the basis for any leadership training
  • Customer-Focusing Process - sharpens profitable customer focus and generates new ideas
  • wide range of tools for solving problems, spotting improvements, and creating ideas

Our founder

The Business Experience's founder is Mike Barrett.
Mike is naturally strong in the Reasoning and Task Thinking Styles. But he learned how to develop his 'weaker' Styles to become much more of a Whole-Brained Thinker, encompassing all four Core Thinking Styles.

For example, he developed his Creative Thinking ability by investigating a range of creative thinking tools and taking part in impromptu creative workshops. And he used his Analytical Thinking skills to examine the concepts of Creativity and Design, fundamental thinking styles within the Visionary Thinking quartile.

 Mike Barrett

Customer Focus specialist,
Communications Analyst, and Thinking Intelligence® expert.

Michael Barrett

Gerald Ratner famously informed his audience about the 'quality' of his products

... and lost a £500m business. 

He failed to quality-assure his presentation

Mike Barrett is a Chemical Process Design Engineer by backgound but moved into Business Performance Consultancy specialising in Customer Focus, Communications Analysis, and Thinking Intelligence® - Flexible, Clear Thinking.

He initially worked in Sales & Marketing with global suppliers to the Chemicals, Oil, and Gas industries. But he then switched careers to work with major oil companies and construction contractors in design and purchasing ... buying the same products and services he had been selling.

He found that:
♦  the perspectives of the Seller and Buyer are polar opposites, and 
♦  subjectivity made it extremely difficult for any Seller to see their offerings and communications from the customers' viewpoint.

This dual-perspective experience formed the basis of a "unique customer-viewpoint insight" and a Customer-Focusing Process that helps clients' teams see any aspect of their business from the customers' perspective - to spot 'hidden' sales barriers and generate ideas for improvements. 

It also enabled Mike to develop the world's first Quality Assurance system for testing and improving the effectiveness of any form of communications ... AdQA.  

Mike continues to research "Why Strategies, Plans, Projects, Decisions, Innovations, and Communications GO WRONG" and "What really affects Business and Team Performance".

And from studying Whole-Brain Thinking, he developed the world's first system for helping people and teams to think flexibly and clearly, via a Clear Thinking Process. This is now offered as a training course in the concept he invented, Thinking Intelligence® - again a world-first.

The results of our on-going research are published in our Thinking Intelligence® Case Studies.

 Associate Consultants

Example: Specialist in Organisation, Leadership, and People Performance; Talent Management; and Team Development 

An inspired team ... every Leader's dream

Our Associates have over 20 years' experience in Leadership, Learning & Development. They have worked with and for a diverse range of UK and global organisations in the pharmaceutical, energy, engineering, transport, and tourism industries. Our team includes a qualified Psychometric Tester, eg MBTI, OPQ, Belbin.

Expertise includes designing, facilitating, and project-managing Team Development events, Leadership, High-Potential, and Talent Development initiatives, Change initiatives, short Management Training sessions, and Assessment & Development Centres.

Interventions often have organisation-wide impact and revelations. For example: a design for a Key Talent Forum for 50 hi-po's was so successful it was rolled out globally across a major pharmaceutical company.

In another case, a series of training sessions uncovered the 'hidden' need for improvements in cross-department communications. When invited to discuss strategy it was discovered that Managers had a poor grasp of the business outside their own unit. 

This raises a key question: Who is in the best position to identify learning needs? There can be a huge benefit in getting an outsider's perspective, even just to ask the right questions.

(worked for or with)
and our relationships with Business Schools

Include Shell, Glaxo SmithKline, British Gas/BG, British Airways, Johnson & Johnson, Amec, and central government (Whitehall). We’ve had client relationships with, or exposure to, leading management development deliverers such as Duke University, Ashridge Management College, and Harvard Business School.

For one project we worked with the CEO, and the head of HR, of a 15,000-strong business unit of a top global company to design and facilitate a Strategy Forum for 200 key-talent managers. For another client (a business unit), a series of Customer-Focused Strategy workshops ultimately led to the business unit leapfrogging its much larger parent (by market capitalisation) after a demerger.

 Some Client Comments

♦  "A unique customer insight" ... typical client comment
♦  "That's odd, nobody's pointed that out before" ... virtually every client when working through our Customer-Focusing Process
 ♦  "Brilliant. Frankly, brilliant. It's a holistic solution for me" ... delegate on our Thinking Intelligence course, an experienced manager with a global company.

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