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AdQA – Communications Pre-Testing & Improvement

Four ways to apply AdQA

Four Options
for applying AdQA

... to create, pre-test, or improve any form of Communications

including Selling

"OK. Next QA question: Where is your USP stated, your Unique Selling Proposition?"

You can Create Ideas for new comms or new products and services, or Test and Improve the Effectiveness of your new/current communications ... in four ways:

OPTION 1: Team/group Workshop at your offices/local venue - where the AdQA Buying Questions, Comms Tests, and Prompts are applied to your communication by our consultants working jointly with your Team/s.

These workshops can also use AdQA to generate ideas for new campaigns or new products/services, or solve problems with underperforming campaigns.

OPTION 2: by post, courier, or emailAdQA applied by our consultants to any communication which can be digitised or posted 
OPTION 3: at your exhibition stand or retail premisesAdQA is applied by our consultants to your stand, displays, and sales staff

OPTION 4: at your offices/local venue - where AdQA is applied by our consultants and your Sales Team to their sales presentations/pitches

Example: in one group workshop examining a client's brochure we eventually found the key Unique Selling Point (USP) hidden away on page 12, in small print.  

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Team/group Workshop
at your offices
or local venue


From 3-8 hours. For new or current communications.

Get your team together (plus your agencies and/or customers if desired) and we’ll apply the AdQA Questions and Tests to your communications. The whole group will search for answers to the Questions and Tests then judge their adequacy.

This process spots any communications errors, problems, or potential sales barriers. AdQA Ideas Prompts then stimulate valuable creative ideas for solutions and improvements.

You can also use the AdQA system for developing fresh, creative, customer-focused ideas for new campaigns or products and services.

And if you’ve encountered any problems or concerns with current campaigns or selling, this workshop will clarify the problems, analyse the root causes, then create, evaluate, and plan ideas for practical solutions. This is AdQA Check ... plus Creative Problem Solving ... plus Project Planning.

Example: we helped one client sort out a failing £16million campaign in just one day. Our probing questions identified several root causes which prompted practical and creative ideas for solutions.


Via post, courier,
or e-mail,
by our consultants
in our offices

  "That could have two meanings"

Suitable for any communication that can be documented or digitised, eg adverts, brochures, presentations, websites, sales scripts, exhibition displays, or reports.

Our Communications Analysts will systematically and rigorously apply AdQA Questions, Tests, and Ideas Prompts to the whole ‘document’ or video – page by page, frame by frame, words and images, just as customers see/hear it all.

AdQA will help us identify any concerns, confusion, or potential sales barriers. We will then provide constructive ideas for solutions and improvements.

As detailed as you need, eg from every word and image for an advert, small website, or presentation, to an overview for a long website/brochure/report.

Case Study: we attended a presentation by marketing experts which fell totally flat. The prime causes were ambiguity in the title and unclear structure of the talk. The audience were never sure which interpretation of the subject was being referred to at any point. The accompanying brochure suffered the same problem. AdQA would have picked out these mistakes in minutes with just two of our tests.


At your exhibition stand or premises/offices

Rigorous customer role-plays plus constructive feedback and ideas


We apply the AdQA Questions and Tests to any or all communications at your exhibition stands or premises/offices - your signs, graphic displays, brochures, and selling. Instant feedback and ideas for improvement, or a detailed report sent later.

20% of exhibition stand displays we see fail at the first AdQA Buying Question. And many sales staff struggle to give clear, concise, answers to the same Question. Sales staff on one stand couldn't even answer a basic question on the meaning of their own brand name.

Worst exhibition display seen: “We provide total solutions”. This is meaningless unless you already know the company and its products.

Worst sales message: "Would you like a brochure?"  Heard at almost every show.


At your offices or local venue

to Test and Improve your Sales teams 

We apply AdQA Questions and Tests to your Sales team's selling messages, scripts, presentations ... for individuals or entire sales teams. 

AdQA goes beyond sales training. It replicates the customer experience of the selling process and poses questions that Buyers think, but may not articulate. Potential customers don't normally tell salespeople why they didn't buy. And if asked, they are usually too embarrassed to state the real reasons. 

Common problem - verbal tics: unconscious, repeated use of the same word or phrase - especially the highly-irritating word 'obviously'. What is obvious to the seller may not be at all obvious to the buyer. Guaranteed to annoy.

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