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AdQA – Communications Pre-Testing & Improvement

AdQA: the World’s first Communications Quality Assurance System


EVERY Marketing or Sales Manager's Problem:
… potential customers won't tell you that they:

   ♦  didn't notice or were unmoved by your advert … or the reasons why
   ♦  were confused by your website … or the precise reasons why
   ♦  walked by your exhibition stand looking puzzled … or why
   ♦  were unclear about your brochure … or why
   ♦  were left cold by your sales pitch or presentation … or why

… and they are unlikely to give you creative ideas for improvements or new campaigns. 

Solution: AdQA provides all these communications insights, ideas, and assurances, at a tiny fraction of your comms budget. 

AdQA stands for Advertising Quality Assurance. It is both an ideas-generator and a low-cost quality-check system for testing or improving the effectiveness of any form of communications, from a website or advert, to a sales pitch or sign.

Your potential customer might take just a few seconds to review your ad or exhibition stand or sales pitch. We take a bit longer ... and suggest ideas for improvement.  

Q: What is AdQA?   A: AdQA was developed by Buyers to replicate how customers see or hear your comms.
Q: What can AdQA be used for?   A: You can create ideas for, or test and improve, any new comms or sales message.
Q: Why is AdQA needed?   A: 10 reasons why communications go wrong.
Example: How did a global airline mis-spell its own brand name on a plane?

Q: How can I use AdQA?   A: You can apply AdQA in four ways.

Scroll down for details of our low-cost solution to the universal comms effectiveness issue. We charge by the hour - as long as it takes to look or listen for answers to the customers' Buying Questions.

What is AdQA?

AdQA replicates how your target audiences see or hear your communications

AdQA was developed by professional Buyers. AdQA is the World’s first creative Quality Assurance System for creating ideas for, or checking and improving the likely effectiveness of, any communications - including selling.

AdQA is a rigorous and constructive system of:
♦ Customers' Buying Questions
♦ Comms Message Quality Assurance Questions
♦ Dozens of Effective-Communication Tests, and
♦ Prompts for answering these Questions etc
which can be applied to any new comms need or to any form of visual or aural communications to test - or improve - its effectiveness.

AdQA replicates the customer experience of your communications, from initial awareness through to taking action ... or not.

AdQA developed from our multi-perspective work experience. For example, we worked initially in Sales & Marketing then switched careers into Buying - polar opposite viewpoints.

See  What is AdQA?

What can AdQA be used for?

What communications can it test or improve? 


Every AdQA Question, Test, or Prompt can stimulate IDEAS for new campaigns or improvements

AdQA's  Questions, Tests, and Prompts help you to:

♦  Create Ideas for new campaigns or writing new communications
    … or for new products and services

♦  Test or improve your selling and presentations

♦  Pre-Test - and improve - your new communications prior to issue

♦  Check and improve the effectiveness of your current communications' messages

♦  Solve Problems with existing campaigns or ‘change’ programmes

We charge by the hour to apply the AdQA system to any of your communications.


You can test - or improve - the effectiveness of any type of visual, written, or spoken communications
   – ideally before publication (pre-test) 
   – before risking your communications budget:

advertising ... brochures ... websites ...  exhibition stands ... selling … sales presentations ... speeches ... call centre scripts ... logos ... slogans ... strap-lines ... signs … proposals … reports … internal/change communications … intranets ... books (non-fiction) … customer feedback processes ...

… anything that needs to get a clear, appealing, convincing message across.

Why is AdQA needed?


Because no agency will guarantee the effectiveness of their work, even after they have 'pre-tested' it.

'Iffyness' is just one of
TEN REASONS why communications go wrong.

We researched Why Communications GO WRONG - even by experts - and identified TEN core reasons.

See Why Communications GO WRONG

Every single day we see and hear communications that contain ‘obvious’ message faults or sales-barriers that a totally objective, rigorous, quality assurance system (such as AdQA) would have easily and quickly identified. The effectiveness of all these comms would have been significantly improved at minimal cost.

Most of these ‘faulty’ communications will have been pre-tested by the clients or their agencies. But, somehow, the faults were missed.

For example, an airline advert seemed to show an airliner flying vertically downwards towards the ground!!! The ad appeared three times before somebody pointed out this 'blindingly obvious' display mistake. 

 Four ways to apply AdQA

Four ways to get a rigorous and constructive test of your communications as seen/heard from the customers' viewpoint 

1.  via Team/group Workshops, in your offices
2.  by post, courier, or email
3.  at your exhibition stand or retail premises
4.  for sales teams, at your offices or local venue
See Four ways to apply AdQA 

Like more information?

Email us at for details and (minimal) fees for getting AdQA protection and ideas-stimuli for any of your communications.