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Business Performance Research

Our Research into Why Plans Go Wrong and What affects Performance

Business Performance Research

We analysed reports on Business/Project/Planning failures or
under-performance ... and the huge variability in effectiveness of communications such as advertising and selling

  • From studying Flexible, Whole-Brain Thinking we could see precisely what went wrong, when, where, how, and why ... and how to minimise the risk of costly thinking errors we see every day in the media

  • We identified 10 core reasons why communications are so 'iffy'... and saw how their effectiveness could be quality-assured

  • We identified a wide range of factors affecting business/team performance ... factors critical to any organisation's success

 Our ongoing Research on Business  Performance

... using Whole-Brained Thinking Intelligence®

... and our unique experience in business across multiple perspectives

... especially Marketing and Buying (polar opposite viewpoints)

The Business Experience conducts extensive research into:

  • “Why Strategies, Plans, Projects, Innovations, Decisions, and Communications go Wrong” 

  • “What really affects Business and Team Performance”

  • "How all communications can be Quality Assured for effectiveness"

  • "How people, especially teams, THINK - and how they SHOULD think to maximise results and minimise the risk of costly mistakes"

  • "The Change Process" and "Changing attitudes via experiential events"

  • "The customers' perspective and experience: how to see your organisation, products, and marketing from their viewpoint"

Summary of

Strategies, Plans etc go wrong primarily due to avoidable thinking errors, even by highly experienced leaders and teams
Communications go wrong for 10 reasons, including basic neuroscience
Many factors affect Business Performance, several not so obvious
♦ 20-plus factors (across six categories) affect any Team's Performance

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Why Plans and Decisions go wrong, so often

Strategies, Plans, Projects, Innovations, and Decisions go wrong

... because even experienced leaders and teams make avoidable Thinking Errors. We explain how this happens and how your teams can maximise results and avoid costly mistakes.

We could see, or identify:

  • exactly what thinking errors were made and at which point they occurred (ie which stage/s in the thinking and planning processes)
  • which Thinking Style (way of thinking) was missed or inadequately engaged at the 'failed' stages
  • 10 root causes of costly thinking errors by teams, all of which can be remedied by employing Flexible, Whole-Brained Thinking techniques (Thinking Intelligence).

    see Why Strategies and Plans Go Wrong
    see What is Thinking Intelligence®?


Why Communications go wrong, so often


Communications go wrong for 10 reasons, for example: 

  • communications are inherently ‘iffy’ (“50% of my ad budget is wasted …”)
  • people wrongly believe they can judge their own communications
  • Quality Assurance techniques are not applied prior to publishing
     (no rigorous creative-analytical QA system existed … until now).
  • focus group pre-tests and usability/eye-path tests are highly unreliable

see Why Communications Go Wrong
see AdQA: World's first Comms Quality Assurance system


What affects Business and Team Performance

Business Performance and Team Performance

... are affected by many factors that are not obvious or not addressed by many organisations. Strategy, Leadership ability, Thinking Intelligence, Customer Focus, and having 'balanced' teams are some of the most critical success factors.

see What really affects Business and Team Performance

 Our unique Solutions to these problems How to develop ideas for Improving Business Performance – a Summary of our Ideas Consultancy Services
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