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What affects Business and Team Performance

What factors affect the Performance of
any Business?

What factors affect the Performance of
any Team


"So, how did they go bust?"

Our research found many factors impacting performance at organisation and team level. These factors can be used to stimulate ideas for business and team improvements.

They also form the basis of our Leadership Development and Effective Teamworking events.

The application of these Factors is a unique way to develop Leadership and Team Performance and boost engagement and motivation. They are also a stimulus for developing employee engagement and ideas for improving business and team performance.

See details of these bespoke workshops in Developing your Leaders and Teams.


In this research we used:
♦  evidence and insights from our research into Why Plans etc go wrong
♦  our own experiences working with, and for, major global corporations
♦  our experience facilitating leadership and team development sessions

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"What affects Business Performance?" and
"What affects Team performance?"

What affects Business Performance?


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Some Critical Success Factors are obvious, such as Innovations that lead to competitive advantage. But many are less 'obvious', or are not regularly reviewed.

Our analysis worked out the root causes of poor performance and the drivers of good performance, eg what causes poor (or drives good) innovation, strategy, culture, leadership, expertise, design, marketing, customer focus/experience, ... and the ability to think clearly and flexibly.

Thinking errors even by experienced leaders and teams is a prime cause of failures or underperformance.

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Contact us to find out more about these critical performance factors - ask for our White Paper on "What affects Business and Team Performance?"

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What affects Team Performance?

20-plus Critical Success Factors can affect the performance of any team

20-plus separate factors (within six core categories) can have a major impact on any team's performance. Good/poor Leadership is one obvious factor, but there are many others that are undetected or simply ignored - until performance problems arise. 

Unspoken or underlying causes of team under-performance include unclear objectives or roles, unsurfaced resentments, damaging interpersonal rivalies, cliques, and an imbalance of Preferred Thinking Styles (eg too many members who think in the same way).

Many team problems we encounter are caused by poor communication, or the feeling of not being 'One Team' , ie working in siloes.

Where relevant, Factors like these can be identified by diagnostic interviews or are unearthed during these workshops.

Contact us to find out more about these critical performance factors - ask for our White Paper on "What affects Business and Team Performance?"

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