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Why Strategies and Plans Go Wrong ... and our Thought-Leading Solutions

One key cause

... Avoidable
Thinking Errors
by Leaders and Teams

... often 'obvious'
- in hindsight

Strategies, Plans, Projects, Decisions, and Innovations go wrong because planning teams (from board-level down) make avoidable Thinking Errors

    ... that only become evident when things go wrong.

This was the key finding of our Research into the causes of failed strategies, plans, etc when we analysed media reports and books on failures or disasters. We see examples reported in the media virtually every day that verify our research findings.

 "What were they thinking?"

Our Thinking Intelligence® tools and skills - along with our experience of working on major multi-disciplinary-team projects - helped us to see the root causes of failures in every case we studied.

We could spot exactly where errors were made in the Thinking/Planning Processes ...  and also which Whole-Brained Thinking Styles were missed or fudged. 

We identified a total of 10 different causes of thinking errors which are undetected at the time and may only emerge after things have gone badly wrong.


 Some examples of the 10 root causes of costly Thinking Errors ... and two Solutions

For the full list email and ask for our White Paper on "Why Plans go wrong"

People, especially teams,
don't think about
HOW they are thinking,
or how they should be thinking



The CEO of one major UK company was forced to resign after a bad decision led to a PR disaster.

His team got stuck in the 'wrong way of thinking'
and failed to see the consequences.



1.  People, especially Teams, don’t think HOW they are thinking (metacognition).
There are many different ways of thinking (Thinking Styles) that should be
deliberately engaged when tackling Thinking Challenges such as strategising, planning, making decisions, solving problems.

2.  Teams don’t systematically break down a particular Thinking Challenge into a series of simpler Thinking Stages in a Thinking Process. Most business thinking challenges require working through a stage-wise Thinking Process to be successful, even decision-making.

3.  Teams don’t think how they should be thinking (which Thinking Styles to deliberately engage) at each stage in a Thinking Process.

A major cause of Thinking Errors is inadequate thinking about “What could go wrong?” This, in itself, is a complicated thinking process that requires several different 'ways of thinking' (Thinking Styles).

4.  Delusion - everybody thinks they are a clear thinker.
But, in reality, every person's thinking can be affected or influenced by a huge range of unconscious cognitive traps. For example: ego, prejudices, bias, emotions, fallacy ...

One author has written a bestselling book listing 99 Thinking Traps that get in the way of your Clear Thinking - undetected. 

Find out more about these 10 causes of Avoidable Thinking Errors which in some cases have led to the demise of entire businesses. Ask for our White Paper on "Why plans Go Wrong" by emailing

Two unique Solutions


Learn Thinking Intelligence via our Training Courses

Apply our Thinking Intelligence tools to your current Thinking Challenges


1. Develop the Thinking Intelligence® of your entire workforce

Train all your managers and teams to be aware of how they should be thinking and to flex their thinking across the wide range of Whole-Brained Thinking Styles. Thinking Intelligence boosts thinking awareness, structure, focus, agility, flexibility, control, and clarity. It maximises thinking performance and minimises the risk of costly mistakes.

see Thinking Intelligence® for Leaders, Teams, and Individuals

2. Apply these new skills to your current Business Thinking Challenges via our Business Improvement Workshops for teams and groups

We can design and facilitate team or group workshops in your offices or local venue to work through any complex thinking challenge, from 3 hours to one day. For example: devise a strategy or plan, solve a problem, create and plan new ideas, or simply improve team-working.  

see our Menu of Improvement Applications in Business Improvement Workshops - for every Team

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