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Customer Focus Audit + Ideas

Customer Focus Questions, Tests, Prompts

Replicating and articulating the Perspective of a critical, but constructive, potential Customer

... feedback you would not get from conventional potential customers

Customer Focus

Our unique Customer Focus Questions, Tests, and Prompts simulate and articulate the viewpoint of a critical, sceptical - but constructive - potential Customer

… to spot ‘hidden’ sales/influencing barriers and stimulate practical ideas for solutions and improvements. Ideas that are highly likely to be successful because they originated by focusing on the Customers’ Awareness, Buying, and Using Process (the Customer Journey).

We can apply these Questions, Tests, and Prompts (during any of our services) to any aspect of your business - your strategy, plans, products, services, structure, operations, processes, people, culture, communications, ... to: 

- check the mutually-beneficial balance of Business---Customer focus ...
- spot 'hidden' sales/influencing barriers ... and
- create profitable ideas for improving business performance.


Customer Focus Questions ... subconscious Buying Questions
Customer Focus Tests ... eg "Is this a Benefit?"
Customer Focus Prompts ... ideas for answering the Buyers' Questions

Customer Focus QUESTIONS

... questions ALL potential customers ask, mainly subconsciously, during their Buying Process

... developed from our experience as professional Buyers

Customer Focus Questions are:

  • Buying Questions that all customers ask (usually subconsciously) when being ‘sold to’ ... and
  • Communications Quality Assurance Questions that check the ease (or difficulty) in customers seeing or hearing clear, convincing ‘answers’ to their Buying Questions’. 

These Questions developed from our experience as professional Buyers. We created them (as Buyers) to help us select vendors, analyse bids, interview sales people, and select the best suppliers.

After analysing the effectiveness of communications we adapted the questions to include the ‘awareness’ stage of the Buying Process eg advertising, exhibition stands, websites etc.

This is Marketing and Selling ... as seen/heard from the Customers’ Perspective.

Customer Focus TESTS

The Joy test

Tests are used to check that a plan or product or operation or communications (even down to a single word or sentence) is Customer Focused, ie it aligns with, and stimulates, the customer’s Awareness, Buying, and Using Process.

Examples include:

  • “Goals Test” (for assessing the Customer Focus of plans)
  • “Benefits Test” (for checking product designs and selling messages) ... and
  • dozens of Effective-Communication Tests such as: “Meaning?” …  “Readability” 
    and the killer “So-What?” Test (“So what’s in it for me?”).

Customer Focus PROMPTS



Prompts are generic suggestions and tools that stimulate effective ‘answers’ to these Customer Questions.

Prompts stimulate ideas for new products and services, new marketing campaigns, and for writing new communications. They also help to stimulate ideas for resolving problems unearthed by the Questions and Tests. 
  Classic Cases in costly Customer Focus mistakes
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