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Customer Focus Audit + Ideas

Customer-Focusing Process - as used in Team/Group Workshops

Focus in two directions


... polar opposite viewpoints

Improve your Business Performance by sharpening your Customer Focus … as well as your Business Focus

for example, in a one-day Team/Group Workshop;
your offices, retail premises, or local venue


♦  4-stage Customer-Focusing Process
♦  Learn how to Think like a Customer
♦  Guaranteed to spot 'hidden' sales barriers and stimulate ideas
♦  ... especially with your Communications 

Tap into our unique
4-stage Customer-Focusing Process

... to check every aspect of your business that could affect customers' decision to buy, and buy again


Step outside your 'box' and start seeing from an entirely different perspective

1.  Identify every aspect of your business that impacts on sales, costs, and profits:
your thinking and planning (eg strategy, R & D, plans); your structure and business processes; your products, services, and operations; premises (especially retail); your marketing, selling, and image; … your people, culture, training, recruitment (eg attitudes to customers); and communications (internal and external) including feedback systems

... anything that potential and existing customers could see or hear that could affect their Buying Process, their customer experience, their customer journey.

2.  For each impact aspect, identify your ‘customers’: 
anyone who buys your product/service, or could influence purchase, ... or is affected by the impact, or who could influence its success (and this includes your own staff and managers - check their motivation, engagement, attitudes).

3.  Get into the right mindsets – ways of thinking: 
using our unique set of Whole-Brain Thinking Styles
especially switching between Business Thinking and Customer Thinking
- polar opposite ways of thinking that are equally critical to business performance.

This is the difficult part. Most large organisations are naturally inward-looking. They need a prod to think differently, especially to 'think like a customer'.

4.  Examine each impact aspect from the Customers’ Perspective: 
using our proven Customer Focus Questions, Tests, and Prompts (see Link below) and Opportunity Thinking tools.

A unique set of tools that replicates and articulates the Customers’ Viewpoint to help your teams to visualise how customers might see and react to any plan, activity, product, or communications ... in any awareness or ‘customer experience’ situation that could affect their Buying Decision on the customers' journey

... and generate profitable ideas for improvements or even new products, services, or marketing campaigns.

see Customer Focus Questions, Tests, and Prompts

 Learn how to
Think like a Customer

The hardest part far most people is learning how to 'Think like a Customer'

But it is REVELATIONARY when they achieve it ... stimulated by our Selling and Buying experiences ... and our unique Thinking Styles tools, especially Business Thinking, Customer Thinking, and Opportunity Thinking

GUARANTEED to spot sales barriers and generate great ideas for improvements This process is guaranteed to identify ‘hidden’ sales barriers and stimulate creative ideas for improvements. It can also stimulate ideas for new products and services. When a ‘barrier’ has been spotted, your teams can tap into our proven tools to analyse the root causes of the problem, generate ideas for solutions, evaluate and short-list the ideas, then plan how to implement the best ideas.

 … even for Communications

... using AdQA, the world's first Comms QA system

For communications (eg advertising, selling, reports, etc) we call our system AdQA, the wotld's first Quality Assurance System for Communications.

AdQA stands for Advertising Quality Assurance but it can be used to pre-test and improve the effectiveness of any form of business communications, including selling. It can also help you to create new communications. AdQA even stimulate ideas for new products. 

See AdQA: Communications Pre-Testing & Improvement

  Classic Cases in costly Customer Focus mistakes
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