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The Business Experience
Business Performance Improvement Services
for individuals, teams, and organisations

Customer Focus Audit + Ideas

Profitable Customer Focus - learn to SEE from the Customers' Viewpoint

Customer Focus
  • SEE ‘hidden’ Sales Barriers
  • SEE profitable Improvement Opportunities
  • SEE ideas for new/improved Products, Services, and Marketing/Sales Campaigns

Step ‘outside your box’ and learn how to SEE

your strategy, plans, structure, products, services, operations, processes, premises, marketing and selling, communications, R&D, your people and culture, training … anything that affects sales and profitability       

… from the Customers’ Perspective

using our unique:

  • Customer-Focusing Process and tools
  • dual-perspective experience in Selling and Buying


Improve Performance - work through our Customer-Focusing Process
Eight ways to apply the Process to any part of your organisation
Benefit from our unique dual-experience in Selling and Buying
Classic examples of Profitable Customer Focus ... and costly mistakes 

The easiest and most effective way to Improve your Business Performance


Work through our unique 4-stage Customer-Focusing Process - with your teams or by ourselves

... and apply our Customer Focus Questions, Tests, Prompts, and Thinking Styles 

to any aspect of your business, from strategy to culture

4-stage Customer-Focusing Process - team/group Workshops
Customer Focus Questions, Tests, and Prompts

 Eight ways to apply our Focusing Process


Look at your entire  business or organisation from the customers’ viewpoint

... using our 4-stage Customer-Focusing Process

designed by BUYERS

♦  team/group workshops attended by your teams (and customers or agencies if
desired) to study any aspect of your business from the customers’ perspective
... including marketing & selling communications (see AdQA

♦  diagnostic interviews … with your staff and managers, or customers 

♦  research and surveys … on the market, customers, staff, or literature/internet

♦  business process analysis … by working through a process, from start to end

♦  visits to your premises … to go through a customer experience (or test selling)

♦  customer role-plays … to check out any aspect of your business, especially your training, product design, store design, and selling

♦  visits to your exhibitions stands … to test signs, displays, selling (see AdQA)

♦  feedback by post, email, courier … on any communication ‘document’ or plan (see AdQA

Benefit from our unique experience in both Selling and Buying

... our unique

Coaching People

"Yes, but from the customers' viewpoint ..."

Our employment experience includes initially working in Sales & Marketing then switching careers to Buying exactly the same products and services. We found the two perspectives - Selling and Buying - to be polar opposites.

We also realised that it was extremely difficult for the Seller to see their offerings and communications from the customers' viewpoint.  Yet most marketers and sales people appear to be completely unaware of this problem.

We have turned this into a Law - Barrett's Law of Subjectivity: "Nobody can see their own business, especially their communications, from the customers' viewpoint. They are too involved to be objective."

See Why Communications Go Wrong.

Our "unique customer viewpoint insight" (typical client quote) developed from this dual-perspective experience. We are able to switch easily and quickly between these two polar-opposite Thinking Styles, Business---Customer.

Classic Examples
of profitable
Customer Focus


... and costly mistakes

♦  Amazon: virtually doubled sales from ONE Customer-Focused idea: “If you like this, you’ll also like these”. Simple idea - very little cost - massive impact on sales.

♦  Apple: continuous growth and massive cash build-up based on developing and designing products that customers want and a brand they love. Apple's stores are the complete opposite of conventional selling.

♦  Tesco: a brand that is so trusted by customers that the company can sell them virtually anything, even a house! (in the UK, at least)

♦  High St Banks and others: PPI mis-selling etc, etc, has caused massive distrust by consumers - yet to be exploited by more customer-focused companies

Classic Cases in costly Customer Focus mistakes

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