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The Business Experience
Ideas Consultancy in Improving Organisation
and Team Performance

Leadership, Teams, Change

Developing your Leaders and Teams. Facilitating Change

Leadership and Talent Development

Whatever your challenges in Leadership and Team Development, or Change, we can help you devise creative and innovative solutions.

Our distinctive drivers - that can give your organisation a truly competitive edge - are our experience of working for, and with, major global businesses on large, multiple-team projects

… and our unique Thinking Intelligence® model and tools. 

From 3 hours to 1-day bespoke Training Sessions

... to Ideas Planning and Consultancy Projects

Your offices or local venues

  • Build Leadership Capability

  • Develop Thinking, Productive Teams

  • Enable your Change vision


Scroll down for details of our learning events and ideas consultancy services in these three key areas

  Develop your Leaders and Managers

"Let's look at examples of What affects Business Performance" 

We Build Leadership Capability via

  • L&D Needs analysis
  • L&D Strategy design
  • Leadership Programme design/review
  • Learning events from 3 hours to one day

We can help with every step in your organisation’s learning cycle, from specific consultancy advice to analysing needs, learning strategy design and creation of learning interventions,and facilitating unique training events such as Whole Brain Thinking Intelligence for Leaders. All our training offerings have a bespoke element to ensure relevance to your specific situation.

Our Training Solutions can be delivered via classroom or virtual methods.

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 Improve Team Thinking, Productivity, and Teamwork 

"We're getting stuck in one way of thinking"

We Work with your Teams to

  • Develop synergy for high performance
  • Engage via teamwork Problem-Solving
  • Boost their whole-brained thinking flexibility, agility, and range

Our innovative “What affects Team Performance” workshop will stimulate your teams' thinking about their performance and spur follow-up action.

For teams with issues or a problem, our in-depth problem analysis and diagnosis provides the basis of a unique Team Problem-Solving workshop that empowers team members to engage with their concerns/challenges.

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 Drive organisational and individual Change

Our Change Mantra

We Enable your Change vision by

  • Facilitating your organisational change planning
  • Supporting you in resolving change implementation problems
  • Helping you embed change via bespoke Change Workshops 

Getting your people to think in new ways is the key to success for organisational change programmes. We help you achieve this mind-shift via creative, immersive,  workshops designed around the change required. We also offer consultancy in planning change and resolving particular problems encountered during the change program.

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