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The Business Experience
Ideas Consultancy in Improving Organisation
and Team Performance

Leadership, Teams, Change

Developing your Leaders and Teams. Facilitating Change

Leadership and Talent Development

Whatever your challenges in Leadership and Team Development, or Change, from experience we are confident that we can help you devise creative and innovative solutions.

Our distinctive drivers - that can give your organisation a truly competitive edge - are our experience of working with and for major global businesses on large projects, and our unique Thinking Intelligence® model and tools. 

From 3 hour to 1-day Tailored Training Sessions

... to Ideas Planning and Consultancy Projects

Your offices or local venues

♦  Leadership Training & Development 
from designing an L&D Strategy or Leadership Programme to facilitating learning events such as Whole-Brained Thinking Intelligence for Leaders, Managing Change, and "What affects business performance?"

♦  Team Development and Teamwork Problem-Solving
from training to boost your Team's whole-brained thinking flexibility and agility to highly interactive "What affects Team Performance?" workshops 

♦  Change Planning & Implementation
from planning a new change to resolving change implementation problems, including our unique "Experience the Change" Workshops for embedding change

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  Develop your Leaders and Managers

"Let's look at examples of What affects Business Performance" 

Unique learning events from three hours to one day that challenge your Leaders and Managers to THINK about their role in boosting business performance.
For example, thinking about:
♦ what affects the performance of their business or their teams 
♦ how, as leaders, they can become true people-developers 
♦ how they can broaden their range of thinking, and those of their teams, to deal successfully with any challenging situation, objective, decision, or project.

Our consultancy services support you on a range of learning and development issues, from building a new learning and development strategy to devising a training evaluation plan.

see Training & Development for Leaders and Managers

 Team Thinking, Performance, and Development 

"We're getting stuck in one way of thinking"

♦ Develop whole-brained Teams: bespoke workshops to improve your teams' thinking flexibility and agility, to boost performance.

♦ Resolve damaging team-working issues: via our diagnostic team-work Problem-Solving Workshops

♦ Understand how teams perform - or underperform: Our unique "What affects team performance?" workshop develop team performance and resolve 'hidden' team issues in as little as one day.

♦ Stimulate improved team and individual performance: via our "What affects Motivation and Engagement?" workshops.

see Team Thinking, Performance, and Development

 Change; Culture Change

Our Change Mantra

Change your organisation, processes, and culture to be more customer-focused, agile, innovative, decisive, .... by changing the way your people THINK.

Our unique and innovative "Experience the Change" workshop inspires people to think in new ways, the absolute start point of all change programmes. 

We also undertake consultancy in designing and planning change eg culture change, and resolving problems that occur during a business change implementation.

see Change; Culture Change

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