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The Business Experience
Ideas Consultancy in Improving Organisation
and Team Performance

Leadership, Teams, Change

Training & Development for Leaders and Managers


Our services fall into two categories: (i) Consultancy, (ii) Learning Solutions

 Consultancy Services

Advice, review, or implementation


Leadership DevelopmentConsultancy/support services to:

  • design/review L&D Strategy
  • identify Learning Needs
  • design leadership development courses/programs based on identified needs
  • research and select providers
  • vet proposals from program providers
  • design an evaluation strategy for leadership programs

For details of any of these services, email us at

Learning Solutions

 Three hours to one day, your offices or local venue

 "OK, so how do people learn and develop?"

We stimulate creative conversations (the learning style used by Harvard Business School) in our in-company learning interventions - guided by our input, research, and business experience:

  • Whole-Brained Thinking Intelligence® for Leaders
    ... Think like a Leader - leadership thinking styles and processes
  • What affects Business/Team Performance, Motivation, Engagement, and Productivity
  • Leaders as 70:20 People-Developers
  • Leading Challenging Conversations

Scroll down for details. Live classroom events supplemented by Skype or other virtual methods.

Thinking Intelligence
for Leaders


Develop Whole-Brained Leaders … the ability to flex your thinking to think in the right ways in any Leadership situation or challenge.

Introduction to Thinking Intelligence® and the particular Business Thinking Processes and Thinking Styles most relevant to successful leadership.  

Find out how developing your leaders' Thinking Intelligence can vastly improve their Leadership capability - and minimises the risk of plans and decisions going wrong.

Email us at and ask for our White Paper on "Whole-Brained Leadership".

see Thinking Intelligence for Leaders, Teams, and individuals

What affects Business/Team Performance, Motivation, Engagement, and Productivity?


Learning about what affects performance is the start point for improving it 
… critical for all leaders

Creative-Analytical Workshops aimed at groups of Leaders.
All these workshops are effective - and productive - leadership development events.
Each workshop:
- examines the fundamental concepts of performance drivers and inhibitors 
- studies particular factors relevant to the client's own business/organisation/teams to resolve specific issues, and
- creates practical ideas for improvements.

♦ What affects Business Performance considers the key factors that can affect the performance of any business. For example how your people think, your organisation's fundamental strategy, culture, marketing and selling, creativity, learning, and a host of other factors.

♦ What affects Team Performance examines the 20-plus generic factors that can affect the performance of any team, at any level.

♦ What affects Motivation, Engagement, and Productivity probes all the major factors that can significantly impair, or drive, the performance of any employee.

Find out the major factors that make a huge impact on performance at an organisational and team level. Email us at and ask for our White Paper on "What affects business and team performance?".

see Our research - What really affects Business and Team Performance

Leaders as 70-20

Organisations now expect (and reward) their leaders and managers to take greater responsibility for developing their staff. Our 70-20 workshops give practical advice on how to:
- identify and analyse learning and development needs 
- coach (not a natural skill for many leaders)
- identify cost-effective on-job development opportunities.

Attendees will capitalise on their prime position as leader to observe performance and see opportunities to develop their team.

Leading Challenging Conversations 


Find out why managers duck issues, and how to overcome concerns

Provides tools and techniques to enable anyone to approach with confidence a challenging conversation/meeting. Can be designed to deal with client's particular issues, eg handling poor performance.

Ask for our research on how and why managers shy away from dealing with difficult situations which ultimately affect business and team performance, and how best to resolve this usually-undetected problem.

Email us at and ask for our White Paper on "Ducking the issue"

  see Team Thinking, Performance, and Development
see Change; Organisational and Individual
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