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Business Performance Improvement Services
for individuals, teams, and organisations

Leadership, Talent, and OD Projects

Leadership Development Training Sessions

Tailored Sessions
from 2-3 hours

Leadership DevelopmentA range of short, focused, Leadership Learning
& Development Sessions, in your offices or local/remote venue

Input, Practice, and Creative Discussion on key Leadership skills … tailored to groups of experienced or newly-appointed managers, or intact teams.

Leaders as People Developers Create and foster a manager-as-developer culture; recognise and manage different learning styles and Personality Types; devise ‘on-job’ development activities; learn how to coach; link day-to-day work activities with the performance review.
Holding Challenging Conversations About under-performance issues or redundancy, for example. Devise strategies for managing sensitive and difficult conversations; use Emotional Intelligence to understand and manage responses; build a strong influencing style; learn how to ‘break bad news’ in a professional but humane way.
Mentoring Skills How to be a successful mentor; the mentoring contract and navigating each stage of the mentoring process; managing the 3-way relationship between mentor, manager, and mentee; the specific skills of mentoring.
Making Persuasive, Inspiring Presentations Making a ‘persuasive’, ‘inspiring’, and successful presentation; tips for advance-planning, dealing with nerves, and ‘psyching up’; understanding your audience; seeing and hearing everything from your audience’s perspective; the value of technology; words v pictures; ‘thinking-on-your-feet’ improvisation tips, eg in Q&A’s.
Leadership: understanding different Roles and  Styles The job of Leadership, seven distinct Leadership Roles – what good Leaders do. The six Leadership Styles – how they do it, depending on the situation. Which Roles/Styles to engage, when, why, how.
Clear-Thinking Leadership
The most effective Leader is a Whole-Brained Thinker and Doer, switching between all four Quartiles of Whole Brain Thinking to maximise results and minimise the risk of errors. Learn how to do it. See Clear Thinking Leadership
What Affects
… of Business, Teams,
and People
Invaluable analysis of what really affects business/team/people performance based on actual case studies, our research, delegates own experiences, revealing cause & effect analysis, and the root causes of unclear thinking by teams. See our research on What really affects Business performance
Strategy; Setting and Planning Objectives For groups of leaders or for leaders and their teams – fundamentals of strategic thinking; setting overall goals; how to create, evaluate, and plan specific objectives.
Managing Change The Change Process; exploration of a stage-wise process model of organisational change; applying it to your specific company change; the impact on individuals, their reactions to change, and how to deal with them; the ‘acceptance’ curve.
Performance Appraisal
& Development
Review of the performance appraisal, development processes, and company competency framework. The skills of appraisal, eg: giving factual feedback, handling reactions, gaining employee commitment; developing employees via impactful performance discussions, motivating techniques, and devising and agreeing stretching objectives.

The Balanced Team:
Thinking Styles and Team Roles

Assessment of team members’ MBTI personality Types, and/or preferred Thinking Styles, and/or Team-roles to check for team-balance (and cope with imbalances); completing Myers-Briggs questionnaire (in advance); get a ‘team view’ of all members’ MBTI preference, Thinking Styles, Team-roles; clarify specific teamwork areas to address; strategies to ensure each team member  contributes to effective teamworking.
  Talent Management Projects, including Training & Development
Organisational Development Projects; Change; Team Development
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