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The Business Experience
Ideas Consultancy in Improving Organisation
and Team Performance

Leadership, Teams, Change

Change; Organisational and Individual

Consultancy services and Implementation Workshops to: 

♦ plan or review a change program
resolve specific change-implementation problems
embed change, to make it 'stick'

your offices or local venue, from 1 to 2 days


Change Consultancy Services

Change your organisation design, processes, and/or culture


Change the way your people THINK about the change

Develop a whole-brained, customer-focused, flexible, engaged, responsive, innovative, decisive, knowledge-sharing culture

Stick, carrot, or nudge? We work objectively with your Change teams and facilitate them to:

♦ Review the Change-Need

♦ Survey behaviours and attitudes to change

♦ Analyse/Diagnose the possible/likely people-impacts of change; generate & plan Ideas for lasting solutions that people will accept positively

♦ Design and plan a Change Program

♦ Design, plan, and facilitate/deliver Change Communications

Change initiatives are notorious for going wrong. Understanding how people think about change, and how they could react to your plans, is absolutely crucial.

The key is to find ways to encourage your workforce to 'think in the right way'.


Bespoke 1- day Change Implementation Workshops
in your offices or local venue

Implement and Embed Change  


Unique specially designed Change events

Make change happen - and stick

We design and facilitate bespoke Change Implementation workshops. These creative events are attended by those impacted by the change to let them understand the change required, encourage their adoption and promotion of the change, and embed the change. Each workshop is tailored to the client's specific change needs.

This unique immersive method, with our creative facilitation, helps change the way people THINK ... the fundamental driver of sustainable change.

Resolve Change Implementation Problems

Identify why your change program isn't working - and create lasting solutions

Team or group problem-solving workshops attended by managers to examine the causes of the problems, generate practical and creative ideas for solutions, then plan how to implement the best solutions. 

NOTE: there are many causes of failing change programs; some complex, some really simple but undetected until the right questions are asked.

Example: we suspected that one client's change problems were caused mainly by the name of the program. We quickly found that people didn't really understand what it meant. It was primarily a communications issue, easily resolved.

Like more details? Email us for more information on our Change Consultancy and Implementation services.