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The Business Experience has developed a wide range of   Improvement Models and Tools … and revealing case studies …
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  Our Improvements Toolbox

♦ Business Thinking Processes: to help structure your thinking 
Concept Analysis, Concept Thinking ... the basis of 'understanding' and describing anything
Thinking Intelligence®  model: Whole-Brained Flexible, Agile, Controlled, Focussed, Structured Clear Thinking

♦ Thinking Traps: unconscious cognitive traps, how to avoid them 
Ideas Creation, Evaluation, Planning tools
Creative Problem Solving ... a proven stage-wise process
Teamwork, Leadership, Change, Learning & Development model and methods

Improvisation tools ... a range of applications eg Thinking on your feet
Customer Role-Plays ... provides vital insights and ideas
AdQA Communications Quality Assurance ... for testing/improving comms
Our Case Studies on Business Performance and Clear Thinking
What Affects Business and Team Performance

see below for details

 Business Thinking Processes




See What is Thinking Intelligence®

Business Improvement

Business Thinking Processes give a structure to your thinking, especially valuable for team or group situations. Each Business Thinking Process requires you or your team to engage, and switch between, up to 20 different ‘ways of thinking’ (Thinking Styles) as you work through the Process - this is the only way to maximise results and minimise the risk of costly errors

We can help your teams to turn any complex thinking challenge into a structured Business Thinking Process; decide which Thinking Styles to engage at each stage in the process; then work through that process switching between the right Thinking Styles at each stage. This is the basis of Flexible, Agile, Controlled, Focussed, Structured Clear Thinking.

Concept Analysis

Concept Thinking

Concept Analysis: highly effective and valuable tool for clarifying your thinking on new ideas or projects, or for understanding/explaining any difficult concept or initiative.

Concept Thinking: one of the most important Thinking Styles. It helps your team to focus on the core elements and avoid woolly thinking and vague language such as: “Well, it involves …” or “It is about …” when trying to explain a complex idea.

The Millennium Dome is a classic example of poor Concept Thinking - it took over 10 years to find a use for it (now the O2 Dome). 

Thinking Intelligence®,
Whole-Brained Flexible, Agile, Controlled, Focussed, Structured Clear Thinking
Thinking Styles and Traps 

Whole Brained Thinking Intelligence® Model

  • how to structure your thinking into a Thinking Process
  • flex quickly between 20 different ways of thinking, including polar opposite Styles
  • check you are not falling into any of dozens of unconscious cognitive traps

See How to develop your Thinking Intelligence

 Ideas Creation

Range of tools for:

  • generating new ideas
  • evaluating ideas and selecting the best
Creative Problem Solving 

Proven stage-wise process. 
Note: we find on our workshops that, with guidance and tools, most people find this process extremely helpful in resolving even complex challenges.

Teamwork, Leadership, Change
  • Preferred Team-Role Assessment
  • Personality Type Indicator (eg Myers Brigg)   
  • Team start-up and development tools   
  • Leadership Styles and Roles   
  • Culture Assessment Survey   
  • Team-Build activities – wide range, including
    “What affects Business/Team Performance?” see below  
  • Change Process
  • The Change Experience (a highly effective Change tool)

    See Developing your Leaders, Talent, Teams; Facilitating Change
Improvisation Acting & Improvisation techniques - these sessions are highly
effective in spotting Improvement Opportunities, changing culture, improving
selling skills, and developing thinking skills in pressure situations (eg creativity)
 Customer Role-plays Aimed at improving the performance of Sales & Marketing teams and campaigns, or changing culture to becoming more customer-focused.
Communications Quality Assurance (including Selling) AdQA – the worlds first Quality Assurance System for testing and improving the
effectiveness of communications, ideally before publication – including selling.
Unique set of Questions, Tests, and Prompts that replicate the customers' viewpoint on advertisng, websites, exhibition stands, brochures, presentations, and selling.
See AdQA: World's first Communications QA System
Lessons from our Research

Case Studies from our detailed research into:

♦ “Why Strategies, Plans, Projects, Innovations, Decisions, and Communications
     ... Go Wrong”  

♦  “What affects Business/Team Performance”

See Our Reseach into Why Plans Go Wrong and What affects Performance
See News: Thinking Intelligence Case Studies

What affects Business/Team Performance An in-depth Analysis technique that is also a Leadership Training tool, a Teamwork Development tool, and a fantastic stimulus for creating ideas for Improvements.
See our research on What really affects Business Performance
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