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The Business Experience
Business Performance Improvement Services
for individuals, teams, and organisations

How to Find Performance Improvements

Improvement Workshops - Live-issue Applications Menu

Devise or Review Strategy/Plans

Generate New Ideas

Solve Problems

Improve Performance
and Leadership

Business ImprovementTeam/group Workshops, 3 hours - 1 day, 
your offices, local venue, or ‘get-away’ location,
from 3 - 20 participants, aimed at:

♦  groups of managers/specialists from different disciplines or departments

♦  entire teams or sub-teams in one section or department

 … facilitated by our Consultants during and pre/post the workshop.


Select from our Menu of Live-Issue Improvement Applications:

Strategy, Plans, Projects, Ideas, Problems, Efficiency ...  
Teamwork, Thinking Skills, Change, Culture ...
What affects Business or Team Performance (30 Factors)
Leadership, Talent Management
Marketing, Selling, Customer Focus/Experience, Comms

Work on

... and improve Teamwork
and Thinking Skills in the process

Get a group or team together to study live issues that affect business, team, or people performance. From devising/reviewing strategy to solving problems, or as an effective team-building activity with practical business value.

Whilst focused on live business applications these workshops can also be designed to improve Thinking Skills, change organisational culture, improve teamworking and team leadership skills.

  Menu of Live-issue Business Thinking Challenges
Resolve any Problem
  • Resolve specific problems or challenges – business, marketing, technical, organisational, communications – any aspect of planning or performance
Strategy, Plans, Projects, New Ideas, Innovations, Efficiencies,
Finding Improvements,

  • Devise, plan, or review Strategy, Plans, Objectives, or Projects

  • Create, evaluate, and plan New Ideas and Innovations organisation-wide:
  • for new/improved products, services, operations, processes, marketing, selling, premises, communications, training & development – ideas that improve sales or reduce costs

  • Seek out Areas for Improvement in any aspect of business operations or products and services; spot ‘hidden’ opportunities; plan how to exploit them

  • Examine the effectiveness and efficiency of Business Processes
Thinking skills,
Change, Culture,
Sharing Knowledge
  • Resolve team performance issues
  • Develop teamworking and team leadership
  • Develop the team’s skills in Flexible, Agile, Controlled, Focussed, Clear Thinking when planning, creating ideas, innovating, problem solving, decision making
  • Devise/plan Change, eg culture change
    or embed change via a change experience event (Experience The Change) where the group works through a specially-designed simulation of the required change - the quickest way to change people's attitudes
  • Introduce Knowledge Sharing initiatives – learning from other’s experiences

Examine What affects Performance

… of Business or Teams

and generate ideas for improvements

  • Study any aspect of “What affects Business Performance?” or “What affects Team Performance?” - see our research on What really affects Business Performance
    We have developed an in-depth Cause & Effect Analysis technique that is a highly effective Leadership Training tool, a great team-building activity, a performance problem-solver, and a fantastic stimulus for generating or spotting Improvement Ideas.

    We have identified over 20 separate Factors that can have a major impact on any team's performance.
Marketing, Selling, Customer Focus, and
  • Plan, evaluate, or review Marketing and Selling programmes or strategies
  • Examine the Customer Focus of any aspect of business, from strategy and plans, through operations, products & services, to culture and teams - by studying it from the Customers’ Perspective. 
    See Customer Focus Audit & Ideas
  • Devise, plan, or pre-test new Communications or Campaigns; Evaluate or review current Communications or Campaigns for their effectiveness;
  • Resolve problems with under-performing campaigns or selling.  
    See AdQA Communications Pre-Test
  Business Improvement Toolbox
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