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The Business Experience
Business Performance Improvement Services
for individuals, teams, and organisations

How to Find Performance Improvements

Business Improvements Workshops - for every team

Business Improvement

Creative Improvement Workshops
for every team or group in your organisation,
designed for specific live applications/objectives

For example:

  • devise/review strategy or plans
  • solve specific problems
  • create and plan ideas and innovations
  • devise and plan change
  • look for ways to improve marketing and sales, reduce costs, improve efficiency and/or effectiveness

… and/or improve teamwork and team leadership


Five ways to find Business Improvements
Our unique tools, skills, thinking model, and multiple perspectives
Improve Teamworking and Team Leadership

Business Performance Improvements Workshops

... five ways to find Improvements

... from 3 hours to 1 day
... 3-20 participants
... your offices or local venue


Wide range of live-issue Applications

Every team in your organisation can find Performance Improvements via five different routes

  • review your Strategy or Plan to take advantage of new opportunities or deal with new threats, or improve sales or reduce costs, or implement change
  • resolve known or suspected Problems, eg with performance, operations, plans, campaigns, change programmes, communication/s, image
  • generate ideas, eg for new or improved products, services, operations,  marketing campaigns, or employee engagement/motivation initiatives

  • seek out ‘hidden’ Improvement Opportunities – everywhere, enterprise-wide. Every team has scope for improvement, if the right questions are posed.

  • analyse What affects Business/Team Performance - ideas for improvements are guaranteed to emerge from this proven Cause & Effect analysis based on business and team experience and our research

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Improve Teamworking and Team Leadership

... as a dedicated aim or beneficial by-product

Our Improvement Workshops have a highly valuable by-product - they have the beneficial 'side-effect' of improving teamworking and team leadership.

This can be 'accidental' or designed into the event. Or it can be the main reason for running the event, with business performance improvements as an added extra.

For example, one client wanted to find ways of improving the creativity of his R&D teams and improve teamworking at the same event. In the process he also learned how to develop his Leadership skills, …  another beneficial outcome.

Use our Improvement skills and Toolbox


Take a fresh look at your Strategy & Plans, Challenges, Innovation, Products, Services, Agility, Image, Marketing & Selling, Operations, Processes, Culture …

... using our:

  • Creative-Diagnostic Methods and Problem-Solving Skills
  • Whole-Brained Thinking Intelligence model and Clear Thinking Process
  • Multi-perspective Experience, especially in Sales & Marketing and Buying
  •  Improvement Tools

see Business Improvements Toolbox

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