Clear Thinking - The Business Experience



The Business Experience
Business Performance Improvement Services
for individuals, teams, and organisations

Summary of our Services

from 2 hours

... based on unique 
in-depth Research
on Performance and Flexible, Agile, Controlled, Focussed, Clear Thinking

... and over 20 years' Business Experience

"I can see now how this could go wrong"


We help your leaders and teams to THINK Flexibly and Clearly to:

  • spot 'hidden' Improvements in Business/Team Operations or Performance
  • devise Strategy; Solve Problems; Generate and plan New Ideas & Innovations
  • develop their Thinking Intelligence® to Maximise results and minimise costly Thinking Errors
  • see your entire business from the Customers' Viewpoint, to spot sales barriers or create new ideas
  • create, test, and improve Communications
  • develop Leaders, Talent, Teamwork; Facilitate Change
... stimulated by our Research into:
  • Why Strategies, Plans, Projects, Decisions, Innovations, & Communications  ... GO WRONG
  • What really affects Business/Team performance
  • Thinking Intelligence® and Whole-Brain, Flexible, Agile, Controlled, Focussed, Clear Thinking

See Our research into Why Plans Go Wrong and What affects Performance

Devise or Review Strategy/Plans

Solve Problems

Create new Ideas

Spot 'hidden' Improvements

Plan/implement Change

Business Improvement Workshops
- for every team in your organisation

to devise/review Strategy & Plans, find and plan Business Improvements, create/evaluate/plan new ideas and innovations, solve problems, develop teamwork, plan/experience change (including culture change), create/test new communications/campaigns, study What really affects Business/Team Performance

Develop your organisation's Thinking Intelligence®

... your people's ability to Think Flexibly and Clearly,
to Maximise Results and Minimise the risk of Errors

Develop Whole-Brained  Leaders, Teams, and all employees who need to THINK

Thinking Intelligence training and business applications 
to develop skills in Flexible, Agile, Controlled, Focussed, Clear Thinking - for Leaders, Teams, and Individuals

for  maximising results and minimising the risk of costly mistakes in your strategies, plans, projects, innovations, communications, decision-making, problem solving, change programmes … any Thinking Challenge where flexible, clear thinking by teams and leaders is essential

Check and sharpen the Profitable Customer Focus of your entire business

SEE 'hidden' sales barriers and improvements ... and generate New Ideas
Generate Ideas for Improvements and Innovations by examining your entire business from the
Customers’ Perspective

…  your strategy, plans, processes, structure, innovations, products, services, premises, people, teams, culture, marketing, selling, communications (internal and external)
... using our Customer Focusing Process developed by Buyers

Create, Pre-Test,
or Improve your Communications
- and Selling -

using AdQA

Advertising Quality Assurance

… the world’s first Quality Assurance system for Communications
Test & improve the effectiveness of any form of communications,
ideally before issue ... advertising, websites, exhibition stands, brochures, selling, presentations, reports, signs, slogans, books (non-fiction).

Create Ideas for new campaigns.
Check and improve effectiveness of current comms.
Test & improve your selling.

Solve problems with current campaigns.

Develop your Leaders and Teams. Facilitate Change.

... from 3-hour Learning Sessions to in-depth Consultancy Projects

In-company training workshops and consultancy projects in Leadership, Team Performance, and Change
3-hour to 2 day learning sessions, and consultancy projects, in: 
Leadership Development; Team Development; and Change Planning and Implementation.

Have a Demo Email us for an introductory discussion and demonstration of any of these services and how Thinking Intelligence® can improve any aspect of your business.