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The Business Experience
Ideas Consultancy in Improving Organisation
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Clear Thinking

Benefits of Thinking Intelligence® 

Your workforce's thinking becomes more
Mindful, Structured, Controlled, Focused, Clear, Agile, Flexible, Diverse

... Adaptable

… and Whole-Brained


 Quality-Assured Thinking 


Clear ThinkingThinking Intelligence® develops everyone's …

… thinking awareness: of how they, and others are thinking; and how they should be thinking at any moment or situation or stage in a Thinking Process ... and being alive to the many unconscious Thinking Traps

… thinking structure ... control focus … clarity agility … flexibility ... and

... thinking range/diversity: to flex beyond personal thinking preferences to think across the full range of Whole-Brained Thinking Styles, especially across polar-opposites such as Business---Customer Thinking, Analytical---Creative, … and

... adaptability: readiness to accept and exploit changing situations or circumstances or opportunities  - a prized asset in any organisation.

As a result, strategies, plans, projects, decisions, innovations, and problem-solutions are much more likely to be successful - and the risk of costly thinking mistakes we see daily in the media are minimised. 

In one major company, a single Thinking Trap was discovered operating right across the business. Once identified, decision-making and creativity improved significantly.

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 Thinking skills and range greatly expand beyond personal preferences
Understanding, communication, and confidence are boosted
Leaders become effective Whole-Brained Leaders
Team/group meetings become more efficient and productive
♦ Thinking Capital and business performance increases

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Thinking skills and range greatly expand

to be able to tackle any Thinking Challenge; deal with any difficult situation

♦  As the situation demands, minds can focus in any of 16 specific Thinking Styles across the broad range of Whole-Brained Thinking: eg Strategic Thinking, Analytical, Planning, Empathy, ...

 … especially Concept Thinking – the most important thinking skill of all, the main driver of clear thinking, learning, communication, and innovation (eg Concept cars).

♦  Individuals can stretch beyond their personal thinking preferences. For example, analytical thinkers can learn to be more creative; blue-sky thinkers can develop more business sense. 

♦  They become adept in key business Thinking Processes such as Strategising, Project Planning, Problem-Solving, Decision-Making, Innovation, Planning Change, Making sense …

♦  They are more aware of potential Thinking Traps by constantly checking for these highly dangerous deflectors of rational thought. 

Understanding, Communication, and Confidence are boosted

Stress is controlled; wellbeing improves

Everyone can:

♦  understand and develop complex ideas, concepts, or plans - and explain them clearly to others

♦  be more confident: in meetings or presentations; in pressure situations; have confidence to cope with complexity and see the key issues

♦  be more aware of their emotions (and those of others) which helps them deal with pressure and focus on facts and priorities

Leaders become effective, Whole-Brained Leaders

The Leadership role requires a greater emphasis on the Visionary quartile of Whole-Brained thinking. But the successful Leader needs to be a Thinker and Doer, Left-Brained and Right-Brained ... Whole-Brained Leadership.

For example, Leaders need to develop a vision and direction. But they also need to encourage people to follow them ... which requires strong People Thinking skills. One brilliant CEO of a top global energy company lost his job mainly because he completely lacked Empathy Thinking skills. He became 'the most hated man in America'.

Team or Group meetings become more efficient and productive

Thinking Intelligence®:

  • provides essential structure to discussions, strategising, goal-setting, decision-making, problem-solving, ideation, innovation, and planning
  • provides a common language to express thoughts, concerns, ideas
  • encourages more diverse, more balanced, opinions and ideas
  • prevents tunnel vision, groupthink, wild assumptions, bias, …
  • provides greater control and focus, eg balancing risk with opportunity

Business performance increases across the organisation  

Thinking Intelligence® builds a smarter organisation. Your workforce brains are a key financial asset - ‘Thinking Capital’.



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