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The Business Experience
Ideas Consultancy in Improving Organisation
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Clear Thinking

Benefits of Thinking Intelligence® 

Your workforce's thinking becomes more
Mindful, Structured, Controlled, Focused, Clear, Agile, Flexible, Diverse

… more Adaptable

… more Productive

… and Whole-Brained


 Quality-Assured Thinking 


Clear ThinkingThinking Intelligence® develops everyone's …

… thinking awareness: of how they, and others are thinking; and how they should be thinking at any moment or situation or stage in a Thinking Process ... and being alive to the many unconscious Thinking Traps

… thinking structure ... control focus … clarity agility … flexibility ... and

... thinking range/diversity: to flex beyond personal thinking preferences to think across the full range of Whole-Brained Thinking Styles, especially across polar-opposites such as Business---Customer Thinking, Analytical---Creative, … and

... adaptability: readiness to accept and exploit changing situations or circumstances or opportunities  - a prized asset in any organisation.

… productivity: especially for teams: because every challenge that requires any thinking takes a shorter time to complete' ie more efficient

As a result, strategies, plans, projects, decisions, innovations, and problem-solutions are much more likely to be successful - and the risk of costly thinking mistakes we see daily in the media are minimised. 

In one major company, a single (unconscious) Thinking Trap was discovered operating enterprise-wide. Once identified, decision-making and creativity improved significantly.

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 Thinking skills and range greatly expand beyond personal preferences
Understanding, communication, and confidence are boosted
Leaders become effective Whole-Brained Leaders
Team/group meetings become more efficient and productive
♦ Thinking Capital and business performance increases

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Thinking skills and range greatly expand

to tackle any Thinking Challenge; deal with any difficult situation

♦  As the situation demands, minds can flex quickly to focus in the numerous specific Thinking Styles across the broad range of Whole-Brained Thinking

 … especially Concept Thinking – the most important thinking skill of all, the main driver of clear thinking, learning, communication, and innovation (eg Concept cars).

♦  Individuals can stretch beyond their personal thinking preferences. For example, analytical thinkers can learn to be more creative; blue-sky thinkers can develop more practical business sense. 

♦  They are more aware of unconscious Thinking Traps by constantly checking for these highly dangerous deflectors of rational thought. 

Understanding, Communication, and Confidence are boosted

Stress is controlled; wellbeing improves:
thinking-on your- feet improves

Everyone can:

♦  understand and develop complex ideas, concepts, or plans - and explain them clearly to others

♦  be more confident: in meetings or presentations; in pressure situations; have confidence to cope with complexity and see the key issues

♦  be more aware of their emotions (and those of others) which helps them deal with pressure and focus on facts and priorities

Leaders become effective, Whole-Brained Leaders

A CEO of a top global company lost his job mainly because it appeared he was weak on People Thinking skills (one of the four core Thinking Styles of Whole-Brained Thinking). He became 'the most hated man in America' (a media quote).

Team or Group meetings become more efficient and productive

Thinking Intelligence®:

  • provides essential structure to discussions, meetings, any challenge
  • provides a common language to express thoughts, concerns, ideas
  • encourages more diverse, more balanced, opinions and ideas
  • prevents tunnel vision, groupthink, wild assumptions, bias, …
  • provides greater control and focus, eg balancing opposite ways of thinking

Business performance increases  

Thinking Intelligence® builds a smarter organisation. Your workforce brains are a key financial asset - ‘Thinking Capital’.


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